3 Apr 2013

t h r e e

Three of my favourites at the moment - Australian designers that get it so right.
Top & third row: Lottie Hall
Second row: Kahlo
Fourth row: Aje

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17 Mar 2013


Frothing on Cameo's dresses. They are seriously so good.

10 Jul 2012


(Photo cred: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9&10, 11, 12, 13&14)

The thought of collars has been floating around in my brain (and in my bookmarks folder) for an inestimable period of time, but my conclusion that I need one, fast, is only really circa this week. I've realised that there is definitely a collar-shaped hole in my wardrobe. AsosThe Reformation and Equipment have literally been driving me crazy with their overloads of collar love, and I actually don't think I can cope much longer. 

A pointed-collar button-down in black washed silk is just what I need. Also one in white. 
Perfect tucked into my high-waisties, a circle skirt or under a chunky pastel sweater.
Also, a faded denim button-down is essential, without sleeves, and long-line, of course.
A detachable black or nude leather collar is next on the list. Made to be worn over an A-line shift with ankle boots.

Equally necessary is some peter-pan perfection. A polka dot peter pan blouse (navy with white spots, please), and a white button-down in silk or cotton will up the adorable factor by at least 83.7%, any day. Tucked in to a high-waisted skirt or some floral cigarette pants and suede heels.
And just when you thought collars couldn't get any better, I spring this Nadinoo petal-meets-origami wonder on you. I'm sorry. I really can't help myself. I've gone collar crazy.

25 Jan 2012

The Treehouse Connection Cafe

Hello friends!
Whilst on our family Christmas adventure to the South Coast, I visited this lovely cafe called the Treehouse Connection. It's a cute little cottage full to the brim with vintage and handmade clothing, stationery, Impossible Project polaroid film, fashion and style books, gifts, and a little cafe! 

 (food photography by Jane Grover)

Cute details are everywhere... the cafe really is a visual feast!!

The Treehouse Connection houses many vintage and handmade clothing labels containing very lovely pieces,

 I absolutely adored this lips print blouse, but sadly it was not my size :(

All the lovely furniture you sit on in the cafe is for sale!

I bought a little packet of eco pencils, beautifully wrapped!

So if you're ever in Ulla Dulla, you should definitely go and visit the Treehouse Connection. 
If I open a shop when I'm older, it will definitely be similar to this!

16 Jan 2012

We Heart It

Hello friends! Happy New Year! I'm quite excited for 2012 and all the opportunities that await us!
Have you ever heard of We Heart It

It's a place for you to 'heart' all the images you like on the web and organise them into one big lovely pile of photo goodness!! 

It's a bit like Pinterest, but more focused on images, rather than on ideas. 

I've been a fan of We Heart It for a while now, but I only just decided a few days ago to join in the hearting... and I'm so glad I did! 

No longer do I have to bookmark every site where I see something cool; I can just press the Heart Button at the top of my browser!! 

If you're constantly seeing photos on blogs, websites, and social networking sites that you love, and you want some sort of way to catalogue all of this inspirational-y goodness besides bookmarking millions of sites, then We Heart It is for you!! Or maybe Pinterest is for you? Only you can decide!

 These are all images that I've hearted already... they are all found on my We Heart It profile.

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