27 Sep 2010

Number Two

One word: GIVEAWAY.
(Some would say that it's two words, but that kinda ruins the effect)
Welcome to the second giveaway on Jolly Miss Molly!

How'd you like to win a nice and handy door hanger?
Today is your lucky day. I happen to have a nice and handy door hanger which I am going to give to one lucky reader!
To enter the draw, all you have to do is become a follower of Jolly Miss Molly (if you aren't already) and leave a comment on this post telling me WHY you want to win!
Entries close at 9am on Friday, 8th of October.

And here's an extra advantage: if someone enters the competition and mentions that YOU told them about Jolly Miss Molly, you will automatically get an EXTRA ENTRY. So if five of your friends enter and mention your name, you'll get five more entries in the draw!
So for a better chance at winning, suggest Jolly Miss Molly to all your friends!

This competition is only open to residents in NSW, Australia.
Good luck and I look forward to your entries!!
Oh, and don't forget to leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win!


Jessica said...

It is super duper cute i love it molly!!!My favorite part is the spin thingy that green with the butterfly plus i need it to keep daniel out of my room!haha!:)

Nicola said...

That is awesome cool !!!


Likes l Dislikes
The colour l .....?
That you can write on the sticky note l ..........?
The little swivel sign l ..?
The Tiny little pencil l NONE

I live in NSW, Australia : )

✄✄✄ Nicola

nicola said...

Ha ha my comment didn't work it was supposed to be two little lists

Likes l Dislikes
da da l ....

Anonymous said...

Aww, its so cute Molls.

Anyway, I would like to win this door hanger becuase my family never know when not to come into my bedroom hehe!! And i dont want them coming in my bedroom when i am getting changed or something :P
This door hanger would be a great way to let them know when is good to come in and when isnt. Also the sticky notes will be good for me as you know i ALWAYS forget EVERYTHING hehe, so i can write notes on them to help me remember!!

Anyway, good luck everyone :)

Molls, you have my email address. :)
Love Maisie xx

lilybum :P said...

its lily :P
i love it!!!!!!!!!!! its so awesome you've fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepin amazing moh :P lovelovelovelovelovelolovelove it...and you :P
cya thisavo :P oxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo
and i love you typwriter... :P
oh and i would looove to win it because....
my family are soo nosey and keep accidently walking in when im getting changed and as you probably know with 2 brothers thats kiiiiinda awkward!! :P also i would use the note pad to remind myself to do my assigments (as you know i need lots of reminding heheheh)
loveya moh :P oxoxooxxo lilybum x!

claire.elise_v said...

Hellloooo! I think I should get this hanger becuase Im awesome! :D xoxo