3 Oct 2010

Vintage Finds #3: McCall's & Simplicity

A week ago I picked up these adorable vintage sewing patterns from Lifeline for only one dollar each! They have some cute and definitely quirky pieces from the 70's and 80's.

Check out these pants!
I absolutely cannot wait to try one out! I'll definitely blog about it, so stay tuned.

Inside one of the patterns was this subscription card. I was tempted to fork out the $11.95, but I think I'm a bit late somehow :)
This one, however, doesn't have an expiry date! I might subscribe, just for fun :)


Anonymous said...

very cute molls xxx hope ur enjying ur holidays!!! xxx sah

Anonymous said...

what a shame the patterns in the old couple's yard were nicked by someone else. we should have snatched them up while we could!!

megan x