25 Sep 2010

That's a Wrap!

So. Today was the first day of the holidays. Yay!
Today I decided to do a spot of sewing. I did an 'easy' DIY project from a sewing magazine that I bought the other day. Because I was in an extroardinarily patient mood, I even followed the INSTRUCTIONS! (I'm not really an 'instructions' kind of person, so that's a big achievement for me!)

So here it is: my first attempt at making a 'Take Anywhere Cosmetic Wrap'.

It's especially handy for people who feel the need to take their entire lip gloss collection with them on holidays.

I'm quite impressed with myself actually. I didn't think it would turn out this well.

And the best part is, it wraps up into a cute little package!

So tell me what you think of my cosmetic wrap! What's the most exciting thing you've ever made?


Anonymous said...

Oh I Love this Miss Molly it is beautiful love the bow


Megan said...

i re-covered my beanbag, made a pencil case that was about two centimetres too small to be properly functional and last holidays i began a super special project for all my bestest buds but i still have to complete that. molly, that little case is so cool. could you pretty please email me the instructions? i would love to make one too!

Molly Annabell said...

Thank you Nicola :)
How very interesting Megan! My only copy of the instructions is in magazine form, which is too lengthy to type out. However, I can try to get it photocopied sometime soon :)

Megan said...

thank you!

Nicola said...

I actually made one I was so excited doesn't look as good as yours but I was so happy that I did it, I also made a pillow case : )


Tori said...

what magazine was this in? it is so cool! I love it... so handy and cute... seriously, please start a store! These would make such awesome bday/xmas gifts :) clever girl! love you xx

Anonymous said...

This is Supa dupa COOOL

Adelaide xoxo

P.S I have a website not really a blog but still.... NO where near as good as yours but take a look fill out the little form at the bottom so i know that some one looked at it...