18 Jul 2010

Crack a smile

For today's post, I thought I'd share with you some of the little things that make life so enjoyable. These moments, captured on my camera, always seem to force my lips into a cheesy grin. That's the thing I love about photography. With just a camera, I have the power to make you laugh, smile, or cry (not that I would want to make you cry!!)
So, without further adue, the moments that make me crack a smile :)
Smiles through the pain,

funny boxes,

clothing tags with a sense of humour,

sugar sachet moustaches,

lamp posts and soccer balls that won't stay still,

Logan's fashion sense,


and outdoor bathing suites!

What are some of the moments that make your life fun?


Anonymous said...

thats so funny i almost started to cry from laughing so much!!!!:) i know another funny clothing tag...slim boot cut!!!!

megan said...

...YOU make my life fun. :D cant wait for the next blog.