18 Jul 2010

The Card Awards

Recently, I went through my big box of cards. Birthday cards, christmas cards, thank you cards, congatulations cards... the lot!
After looking at the many different sizes and styles of all these cards I had accumulated, I decided to showcase a few to you!

Card no. 1: Best Quote Award
Card no. 2: Most Detailed Card Award

Card no. 3: Most Amazing Handmade Card Award
 Card no. 4: Smallest Card Award!

Aren't cards just the best? They make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside :D

So thank you to everyone who has ever given me a card, and the people whose cards were featured here, congratulations! You've made it into the Card Hall of Fame!

1 comment:

megan said...

i love the bird one. :) where did you get the showcased ones from?

its your birthday soon you may get some more!!