9 Jul 2010

Vintage Finds #1: Write to me

I am starting a little blog series called 'Vintage Finds', which will be all about vintage items that I treasure. This is the first instalment!
My grandmother is the stationery queen! She has a whole cupboard FULL of ribbons, notecards, wrapping paper... anything and everything that you could imagine! A couple of weeks ago, she cleaned out this big cupboard, and sent a couple of boxes of notecards, envelopes and writing paper over to me, the stationery princess!

They are so cute and full of character! My favourite set is the Holly Hobbie box (above), which, according to the stationery queen, 'was a very popular brand back in the day!'

So now that I have vintage writing sets and a vintage typewriter, I can write lovely vintage letters!


megan said...

that is so cool. :) the bows are so cute (on the Holly Hobby set). do you have a link to the Vintage Finds blog? thanks babe!

Ames said...

heyy mol hope you are haveing a fab time in the blue moutains with mrs Jonker!!! :) LOL
any way i love the new vintage finds section of your always amazing work and keep it up honey bun!!
love, hugs and kisses to you

JaYdEe said...

Molls :) I love love love the cute little vintage stationary sets...they are grrreat and such cute little treasures to keep :) Love it darls :)
Blue Mountains??? Wow how exciting :) Bet you are having a ball :) Actually I'm off to 'near' there on monday for a week :) Speak to you soon :)
love jaydee xxxx
P.S yes could you also please send me the link to your new blog..I would love to see it :) xx

xxSahxx said...

Hey molls!
what beautiful vintage stationery. they are very cute.
i hope you are having fun in the blue mountains! (with mrs jonker??? :D)
cant wait to see u back at school!
Love Sah xx
P.S were can i find the link to this cute knew blog???

xxsahxx said...

*knew another case of the holiday mind!!! i mean new lol

Jolly Miss Molly said...

Hey guys :) It's not a new blog, it's just a category of my blog! The categories are on the left hand side :)