11 Apr 2010


On Friday I went to a shop in Darling Harbour called Babushkas.
It actually has HUNDREDS of Babushka Dolls! (Babushka is: 1. Russian for 'Grandmother' and 2. A very hard word to type!!) Babushka dolls are those hand painted, wooden dolls that fit inside each other. Here is a picture of my own set of Babushkas:

So anyway, I went in to this shop. Since it has recently been Easter, there was a table of hand painted Easter eggs. I thought I would take some photos to show you because they were much better looking than my dyed eggs!

These are real egg shells with paint, wax and string decoration.

These are wooden egg shells with designs carved into them.

Aren't they amazing!
Next year I am definitely buying some of these!!


perfect stranger said...

they look rather expensive for an empty egg. but very pretty! xo

Anonymous said...

hey molls what gorgeous eggs. i love the ones with the ribbons on them. hope u r enjoying your holidays. what have you been up to? have u been shopping yet?! :) hope u have a good rest of the holidays!!!
Love Sarah

Amy said...

They are beautiful. Wonder if you could do it yourself?!!
Have a good hols love the fringe

JaYdEe said...

Beautifully decorated eggs!! They are very cute!! love the little rabbit one :)

Your eggs are just as amazing as they are though :) BEAUT-I-FUL!! :D

love jaydee