12 Apr 2010

It's all the rave

A couple of nights ago my brother went to a rave party. Rave clothing is basically fluoro, neon, flashing, and sparkly. At very late notice, and with little to work with, I attempted to design a for my brother. He took a couple of the ideas, but didn't fully appreciate my work. So, I thought I'd show you instead! Tell me what you think! And, if you ever go to a rave party, try out the outfit! (Don't forget to take a snap and send it to me)


Sarah said...

vey funky molls!!! love it.
Runways of milan watch out
Sarah xxxx

megan said...

sexy. i will definately be wearing that next time i go to a rave party!! but maybe a girlier version..? everyone will love my outfit and i will say "thanks, its inspired by annabell's trend!"

ames said...

coolest outfit that i have EVER seen well done he would of best dressed but it was to good for him!!!LOL
good work would were that any day...mabey :)

JaYdEe said...

Very funky indeed Molls.... i will definately have to try that one!! :D Yes look out Rave Molly had a new funky trend :) x

love jaydee