7 Apr 2010

Egg Dyeing

As you all know, we just had the Easter long weekend. On Easter Saturday, my mum and I decided to make some dyed eggs.
So we got five eggs and hard-boiled them...

Then we got five coloured cups (coincidentally the same colours we were using to dye the eggs!) and placed about five drops of food colouring in each cup.

Then we placed an egg, some vinegar, and some water in each cup. The cups were now completely ignored for four hours.

Next we retrieved the eggs from the cups. They had a coloured, bubbly skin on them, which we peeled off. This revealed the pretty coloured patterns beneath!

Our dyed eggs turned out quite well, considering this was our first time. Next year we're going to add more vinegar and more colouring, so that there are MORE bubbles and BRIGHTER colours!!

Try it yourself next year! It's really fun, and if you store the eggs in the fridge, you can peel them and eat them after Easter!

What did you do this Easter?


JaYdEe said...

WOW, amazing Molls, yet but again another amazing project!! well done, to great to be true :) i love the colours and the spotty patterns :) very cute x
well my little sisters and my cousins and i and my nan went to the easter show today but ur eggs beat the creative and fun side of easter i think :) xx
if that makes any sense ::)

megan said...

ooooooh... i've always wondered how to do that! thankyou