9 Feb 2010

A Little Sketchy

This afternoon I was designing some sketches for the clay figure I am going to make in art class. I was so impressed with my sketch that I decided to upload it to annabell's trend for you to see! However I do not have a scanner readily available to me so I had to take pictures of the sketches :( Sorry the quality is not the best... hope you enjoy them! Tell me what you think :)
The front view is drawn using a 2B lead pencil, and the back view is drawn using a 2B lead pencil, coloured pencils and a black fine-tip pen for the outlines.

Drawings by molly annabell


JaYdEe said...

AMAZING sketches Molly!!! You are so clever.....
I love the detail of the hair and eyes and well everything!!!!
Great job!!! You clay figure is going to look AMAZING!!!! It already does.....

Love jaydee

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh we have a matisse in the making. Stunning Molly!!! Your so clever I can't wait to see it in clay!!!
love sah