7 Feb 2010

The coin has two sides

I really like storms. I love snuggling up inside while rain beats down on the tin roof, thunder shakes the ground and lightning lights up the dark sky with powerful flashes. I enjoy the grizzly feeling of winter, the feeling of being toasty warm under my many layers of clothing despite the harsh winds and rain around me.
However, I also really like sunshine. I love to let the sunlight warm my back and face on chilly winter mornings, whilst I breathe in the crisp air. I enjoy playing and swimming and eating under the summer sun, and staying outside until eight o' clock at night because there's still a faint glow of sun that hasn't set.
I don't think I could live without summer, or winter for that matter.

So the coin has two sides. Lucky there's more than two seasons.

Photos: Lord Howe Island - Sunset
Taken by molly annabell

1 comment:

JaYdEe said...

I love Summer and winter too Molly
and i love to snuggle up under my covers and keep warm with many layers of clothing too, though i do love the sun!!!

Good job
and fantastic words used to describe your thoughts on summer and winter
well done Molls
love jaydee
p.s cu tomorrow at school