6 Feb 2010

Rainy Days

Although it is still summer, today was a very rainy day. It was POURING! After walking to the shopping centre in slight sprinkles, I was rather annoyed to find it was bucketing down when I was finished shopping! So I went and bought a cheap purple parasol with which to keep myself dry on the walk home. I only slightly succeeded... needless to say I was a sopping sight for sore eyes! When I got home, I was playing with our family of umbrellas. I had so much fun twirling them around that I even made a video! Now that's something to save for a rainy day!

Music: Mama

from the album Little Eve

by Kate Miller-Heidke

1 comment:

JaYdEe said...

What a fun thing to do on a rainy day!!!
I want to try it when the next rainy day forms...
maybe i'll try it tomorrow!!!!

thank-you for being a follower of my blog Molls....