1 Feb 2010

I love crayons

Today I was looking in the cupboard and I found a box of 50 lovely crayons that I had not used in a long time. It was a pleasant surprise to find them, because crayons are very fun to use!

They are especially good for drawing bright and colourful things, such as rainbows!!

Unfortunately, I never found the pot of gold :(

1 comment:

Jayde xxx said...

I love crayons too Molls!!!

but noth the part where they get under my nails!!!:)
i dont like the feel of it rubbing against my nails but they are sooo much fun and you have done a great job on the rainbow crayon drawing with the girl underneath!!!!

sorry you didn't find the pot of gold though :(

don't worry Molls you will find it soon!!!!
love jaydee