31 Jan 2010

Potatoes aren't the only food with eyes!

Careful, the fruit are watching you.

If they could talk, I wonder what they would say? What do you think they would say?
Comment and write a caption for one of the fruits! The best caption will be added to the picture... don't forget to tell me which fruit the caption is for!


Amy facer said...

Avocado...we did the mash, the avocado mash we did the mash, it was a fruit bowl smash!!!

Victoria Bone said...

Avocado with really big eyes: "Pineapple, you have someone in your hair!!"

megan.xoxo said...

i have a few.........
bring bring.
lime on pineapple:
banana boat, it's suuuuun protection.
banana boat, it's 30+.
it laaasts for hours,
and hours,
and hours,
ba doo bee do be da!
thank you!
peach(looking down):
bombs away!!!(...splash!, or should i say splat!?)
banana (with no eyes):
i'm blind. ahh.
lime (on pineapple):
ahh, camouflage. no one will see me here. (especially that blid banana..)

sorry for entering so many ideas and taking them from everyone else, i suppose i'm felling a little bit like that apple....

Anonymous said...

Hey molly very cute

nectarine to peach
Nectarine:"cuz my baby doesn't matter if your YELLOW or WHITE doo doo doo doo doo doo!"

Love Sarah

Jayde said...

Apple with tired eyes
(with a tired sort of voice): Ohh my goodness...... i am just so tired!!! What a night it was at the fruit Karoke!!! :)

Passionfruit with diagonal mixed eyes:
(doubt type lady voice) Oh i know what a fruity mess i've gotten myself eyes just wont stop moving(sound in jelly type voice) around!!!

Pinapple (sounding grumpy): who is on top of my head!!!

lime(i think) sounding quite young and innocent: oh sorry just me.....i'll come down now...if i can?!?!?!?
:) :(

sorry there is so many my imagination wouldn't stop running wildly!!!
love jaydee