27 Jan 2010

Hanging around

Today I decided to make a hanger for my door. I found a blank foam door hanger in one of my craft sets, and got to work.

Tracing a cardboard circle...

Next I cut a window out of the cardboard and put in a split pin.

Some decoration...

Then I wrote 'Do not disturb' and 'Come in' on the hanger and punched a hole for the split pin.

After pinning on the circle, I glued a blank notepad below it.

This butterfly works as the handle to turn from "Do not disturb" to "Come in"

Last of all I tacked a pencil to the hanger, so that I can write on the notepad. Voila! A multi-functional door hanger!


Anonymous said...

Cute idea Molls
What a great idea
You are so creative and talented
You go girl
love Jaydee

molly annabell said...

Thanks Jayde for your very encouraging comments, I feel so special!

Amy Facer said...

finshed!!! i just made one of these and they ROCK!!! mine is a little diferent but works very well...

molly annabell said...

good work!! Send me a pic and I'll post it on the blog! You have to be in the photo of course! ;) Just kidding!!