27 Jan 2010


Today I decided to build myself a warehouse to keep my craft supplies in. After all, my bedroom is getting way too crowded! So I shrunk down to Lego size and got to work. Check it out!

Music: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
from the album Piano Tribute
by Relient K


Anonymous said...

Yet but again Molls
you are very talented and amazing with what you do!!!
You are so clever!!! It must of taken ages to make that little video
and taking photos one by one individually takes alot of patience.....
i love looking at your little blog each day/night and you do it so well by keeping it updated each day, so well done!!!!!
love you
love Jaydee

P.s have you heard from any of our lovely friends about monday (going to the beach)
i will try and get onto it and start ringing everyone so hopefully we can all come!!!

molly annabell said...

Thank you so much Jayde! Yes - it did take a long time to take all those photos...
I have heard from Amy, but no details. I'm free that day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good Molls,
i will ring and try to plan days as soon as possible!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is THE COOLEST movie in the world!!! you think you have seen it all and then you go on this blog spot!!!! well done molly...xxxamyxxx