28 Jan 2010

The Pink Pant(her)

Today I was searching through my wardrobe for something to wear, when I came across my hand-me-down pair of pink three-quarter length pants. I have only worn them once in about 3 years, needless to say they aren't exactly the height of fashion. See what I mean?

So I got out some scissors and gave them the chop!

One leg done, one to go!

Two legs done!

I folded the frayed edges for a nicer look...

Ta da!!
Because the pants (now shorts) are very high-waisted, I was planning to fold down the waistline. So I cut off the tags...

got out a patch I made that I was saving for a rainy day... and sewed it over the top.

Since the button was now going to be showing on the outside, I decided to replace it with a funkier button that I bought from Vinnies.

With a little styling, my pretty pink panties are now quite funky!

They are a great way to brighten up a summer outfit... or even a winter one!
Check out the video below to see what I mean...

Music: Jasmine Rice
from the album Jasmine Rice
by Jack Diaz


Anonymous said...

Very Cute Molls,
and i love the little timber button!!!!
love jaydee

Anonymous said...

They are so cute you are the most creativve person that i know!!!xxxamyxxx

megan said...

very nice.. i would steal them i i fit into them!! ;)

me again (haha sounds like megan) said...

i meant *if* i fit..

molly annabell said...

thanks me again (ha ha!). Remember, stealing is bad!

Anonymous said...

wow your so talented! Cute video

molly annabell said...

thanks :)

megan said...

as i re-read this blog i came past the bit about the vinnies button, i though... why don't you write a blog about the fabulous things i keep on hearing about which you have bought from vinnies!!
don't forget, i want you to take ME to vinnies one day so i can get something for myself!!! gee-wizz, this really seems like a long comment! whoops xo