16 Jan 2012

We Heart It

Hello friends! Happy New Year! I'm quite excited for 2012 and all the opportunities that await us!
Have you ever heard of We Heart It

It's a place for you to 'heart' all the images you like on the web and organise them into one big lovely pile of photo goodness!! 

It's a bit like Pinterest, but more focused on images, rather than on ideas. 

I've been a fan of We Heart It for a while now, but I only just decided a few days ago to join in the hearting... and I'm so glad I did! 

No longer do I have to bookmark every site where I see something cool; I can just press the Heart Button at the top of my browser!! 

If you're constantly seeing photos on blogs, websites, and social networking sites that you love, and you want some sort of way to catalogue all of this inspirational-y goodness besides bookmarking millions of sites, then We Heart It is for you!! Or maybe Pinterest is for you? Only you can decide!

 These are all images that I've hearted already... they are all found on my We Heart It profile.

These images do not belong to Jolly Miss Molly. Click images for source.

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