27 Dec 2011

Finders Keepers Markets

On the 3rd of December, I travelled out to Eveleigh to have a peek at the bi-annual Finders Keepers Market. This is an Australian art and design market which hosts some of the most famous indie design brands of Australia, such as Frankie Magazine, Able & Game and The Design Kids.

Some style stalking outside,

The place was brimming with unique, drool-worthy products of the highest quality and most creative design. It was truly amazing!! To me, it was like walking into a giant lolly shop!

Beautiful bowties and neckties from Marcello Neckwear,

Cute bits at Leeloo,

Molly-Made: a very cute stall selling nautical-style collars and circle skirts,

I bought a lovely wooden cup from Attia to hold my make up brushes. I should've bought about five... they're so handy! You could fill them with pens and pencils, paintbrushes or make up brushes!

I also bought this lovely cowhide cuff (which I pretty much haven't taken off since I bought it) from Mr & Mrs White, a lovely stall featuring beautiful furniture, homewares and accessories.

I also got to meet Emily Green, the creative mind behind these amazing necklaces and brooches. Some other favourites of mine were the La-Rara calendars, the Able & Game cards and the A L A S designer sleepwear. They make pyjamas so pretty that I would seriously wear them out of the house!! Definitely on my wishlist!
I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure to the Finders Keepers Markets, and I'm definitely going back next time it's on! I highly recommend you come along too!! 

Have a lovely New Year friends, and I'll see you in 2012!

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Marian said...

That looks like a lot of fun! And what a cool brush container. That looks neat!