3 Jul 2010

Bunting Flags

On Thursday, I spent the day at the beautiful Wendy's house, making bunting flags for my bedroom. It took a lot of measuring, cutting, pinning and sewing, but the result was SO worth it!
Now I have a big, colourful string of flags to brighten up every day!


megan said...

they are so cool. it must have taken AGES to make all of them. ;)

Anonymous said...

aww molls so creative!! love the fabric and colours! certainly worth the effort :)xxx love u
sah xxx

Ames said...

they are adorable!!!(hope i spelt that right!!) see you soon

JaYdEe said...

What can i saw Molls...another amazing idea of yours ;)!! They look very cute up against the green wall :) And i love the patterns!!! Yes it must of taken a while but as you say it is VERY worth it :) xx
love jaydee