14 Jun 2010

Sewing State of Mind

Do you ever have a crazy urge to create something entirely from scratch? I know I do. Quite often actually. So, I decided to showcase four of my favourite impulsive sewing creations:
This pencil case was hand-sewn and finished with a zipper bought from Vinnies.


This hand bag was made from plastic bags ironed together, hand sewn, and finished with a zipper (once again from a 2nd hand shop) and a shoelace strap.
Thanks to Millie for the idea, who saw the original idea on Better Homes & Gardens.

This phone sock was hand sewn, finished with a felt heart and elastic opening.
This purse used a recycled pair of jeans, and various fabric scraps. Also hand sewn, and finished with a zipper. (yes, the zipper was from a 2nd hand shop)

So there you have it. My four favourites. Tell me what you think!


megan said...

the phone sock is my fave, i love it!
after much difficult searching through the better homes and gardens site yesterday, i finally decided (today) to google search (gotta love trusty old google) the plastic bag thingo...
that is the link to the video. yikes its long...


Anonymous said...

to creative molls!!!that plastic bag idea looks AMAZING!! thnx meegs for the link!see u at school

Anonymous said...

looks familiar..... hehe i love it! <3 xxx