26 Jun 2010

In a rich man's world

Right now I have a bit of an obsession with recycling everyday objects. So.... I decided to make some money boxes!

How would you like to win one of these two comic book money boxes? Well, now is your chance!! All you have to do is:
1. Become a follower of my blog (if you aren't already) - using the sidebar -->
2. Leave a comment on this post saying which of the two money boxes you would like to win, and what you like about it.
Be sure to leave me your e-mail address so that I can contact the winner!!
The competition closes on July 8, so hurry and tell all your friends!
Good luck :)

P.S. You have to live in NSW, Australia to enter.


EnglishRose said...

Mollyy :)
I love the power puff girls one!!
I love it because i used to adore power puff girls and i think it is awesome. Love the detail :) You are very creative Molly.

megan said...

i know, i know, i'm not a follower. buuutttt...
i LOVE the powerpuff girls one too!
i used to have a doll of the pink one, her ponytail swiveled a full 360 degrees!! i know we all love the idea of a trio of crime-fighting little girls!!

you have my email adress.

Jake G said...

a) The box on the left is obviously the better one, because Looney Tunes is totally awesome and comics are totally awesome, so together they make a stupendously, amazingly, catastrophicly, awesome money box. Sorry power puff girls, you didn't make the cut.
b) My name starts with Ja, and ends with ke. Who am I? ........

Jake G said...


Tori said...

Okay - I'm a follower and my email is and I would LOVE one of these money boxes that you've made darling!!

Which one? The Power Puff Girls remind of happy childhood memories hehe so definitely that one if I win!!

Hope you're having fun holidays!!

Tori xxx

silvia Noble said...

Love the blog from the title page to the lovely pics throughout....had a quick look through past posts. The soft colours of the easter eggs were right up my alley.
Where did the grey sock critter in the red jersey with zip mouth come from? My family want to order a zip installation in my size?????
Well, I think the puff girls have it in the bag, take care and keep having fun.

molly annabell grover said...

haha! The sock critter is the mascot for the Hush for Homelessness :D

Ames said...

Mmmmm it is such a hard choice to make but I will have to go with jakey!looney tunes are clearly the most awesomely fantastic money box design IN THE WORLD!!! So if I did win I would have to say the looney tunes win! Power puff girls sorry maybe next time!!!

Thnxs mol and AEWSOME competion...
Love you heaps beautiful girl

Ames said...

Woops sorry my email is