26 May 2010

Pac Man

As the more keen observers of you would have noticed, a few days ago was the 30th birthday of PAC MAN. To celebrate this occasion, Google displayed a picture of a pac man game on their homepage.
You're probably thinking, so what?
WELL, the exciting part is: IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

Yes, that's right folks, you can PLAY it.
But sadly, it's not on there anymore :(

And here comes the good news! (Had you in suspense there, didn't I?!)
Google has made a separate page, so you CAN play it!! YAY!
There are some hidden tips, such as:
-Press the 'insert coin' button (usually the 'I'm feeling lucky' button) to begin the game.
-Use arrows on keyboard to move.
-Press 'insert coin' button TWICE to activate two player mode!! You can play with a friend! YAY :) Although I have not yet figured out how to control player 2.

Play it. You know you want to!
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janecooks said...

I played it and it was very difficlut without a joystick but maybe I am just getting old.....but lots of fun still x Thanks Mol for the blast from the past!

megan, xoxo said...

i figured out the controls for player 2!! >=d, ^=w, <=a, and v=s.

molly annabell grover said...

woo hoo! If only we could play long-distance :(