16 Dec 2011

Christmas Decorating

Hello friends! Isn't the month of December hectic? School is finished, and the madness of a rapidly approaching Christmas is well upon us!
So I thought that since it's only 9 days until present time, I should probably hurry up and decorate my room already!
We spent a couple of hours decorating the tree last week, and this afternoon I got out my little treasure box of all things green and red.
(click images to see them larger)

Poster from Frankie Magazine, plush reindeer,

little wooden drummer boy from Bangalow, button softie, red and green fabric finds from op shops.

I'm very happy with myself because I went and did my Christmas shopping yesterday, so now I can cross that off my mammoth to do list.

I hope you have some nice plans for Christmas. We sometimes get so caught up in trying to make the day perfect, that we forget to enjoy ourselves! It's quite silly really!

So if you're normally a bit disorganised around Christmas time (which I tend to be most years), I wish you luck as you venture out into the crowded malls and shopping centres this week!

Have an absolutely lovely Christmas and New Year, and remember to relax.


paperedthoughts said...

what a lovely blog beautiful girl! Merry Christmas!

Jolly Miss Molly said...

Oh thank you! I really like your blog too!!
We have a mutual friend - Little Paper Lane! I think I saw you once when I did work experience there?
Merry Christmas!