26 Sep 2011

Not fishing hooks or spare buttons

Most people don't buy film anymore, but for those of us who haven't quite given in to the digital age just yet, I present a different use for your old film canisters.
Yes, you can fill them with fishing hooks, spare buttons, paperclips, or just about any other bit or bob that will fit inside; but what about something a bit more interesting?

Fill your old film canisters with a bouquet of tiny flowers, fit to decorate even the smallest of spaces. It smells nice and looks great too!
You may need to place a marble in the bottom of the canister to weigh it down, as it can topple over easily. Flowers like lavender are small and don't require water, making them perfect for tiny film canister vases.

So all you analog photographers, forget fishing hooks and spare buttons, fill your film canisters with flowers instead!

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