24 Dec 2010

It's Christmas Eve

Yes, I already did a post about Christmas. But I just HAD to show you these little cards I made!

For the first set of cards, I gathered some nice bits of coloured card, and then cut out some felt Christmas trees in contrasting colours.

Then I used red thread to sew the trees onto the cards!

It looks (and feels) so nice, that I almost want to give one to myself!

These cards can be sewn by hand, but I used a machine to save time :)

For my next set of cards, I used the same Christmas tree shape to make a cardboard stencil. Then I got coloured ink and stamped it on top of the stencil onto some plain gift tags.

I did a handful of green ones and a handful of red ones. Then I decided to venture outside of the box, and do some in purple, blue, pink and yellow!

Last of all, I bought a few packets of Christmas Scratchie Bonbons from Little Paper Lane, and popped one inside each card!

What did you do for your Christmas cards this year?


Silvia said...

They are great, so glad you decided to post!

Valentines day next.


lily said...

hi molly!!
i love your blog you are definitely the most creative person i know :P