6 Jul 2010

Guitar Collage

After six intense games of table tennis against my little brother (who won all six by a mile), I have come to share the day's activity with you.
So, I have this old guitar that my mum used to play. The strings are buzzy and the wood is falling apart, but I love it anyway.
After much collection of newspapers, movie tickets, postage stamps and pictures, I was ready to start giving this guitar a FACELIFT!!
Hours of cutting, arranging and glueing produced a lovely little guitar-collage which I am planning on covering with crackle varnish for a nice vintage appearance.

Take a look and tell me what you think!

Somehow I think it makes the guitar sound nicer :)


megan said...

well, i think its BEAUTIFUL. :) i love collages because they really reflect who you are.

Anonymous said...

OMG molly that is awsome, it seriously looks like u bought it out of a shop! i LOVE it. it is totally gorgeous and the most awesome guitar i have EVER seen. have fun playing it!!
love sahxxx

Your admirer said...

I love that so much :) x

JaYdEe said...

Love it Molls :) Yes it does look like its bought out of a shop :) Sooo creative Molly Moo :)
love jaydee