1 May 2010

Hush For Homelessness

Hot chocolate. Blankets. Ugg boots. Heaters. Warm Bath.
If you're lucky, you'll get to experience all of these comforts this winter.
But imagine if you were homeless. You'd have no warm house to sleep in, no stove to cook a warm meal on, no bathtub to relax in.
There are thousands of homeless people in Australia alone. And they need help.
Which is why I am participating in the Hush For Homelessness on the 14th of May.
I'm going to be keeping my mouth shut for one whole hour. This could prove quite difficult for a chatterbox like me!
The money I raise will go directly to Mission Australia, to help the homeless.
If you'd like to sponsor me or find out more about the Hush For Homelessness, then visit my fundraising page.
You can donate via my fundraising page or with cash in-person.
Thank you for being generous and impacting another's life.

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