28 Mar 2010

A Day of Disasters!

Yesterday was a day full of disasters :(
My mum brought home a nice bag of hot cross buns for us to eat, and told me to warm them up in the oven while she went out again. Obviously NOT a good idea...

The next disaster involved me swallowing a fly. And no, it was not one of those teeny weeny ones that you can barely see. It was a NORMAL sized fly! Gross!

The third and final disaster of the day was quite a stupid mistake on my part. I was in the process of creating characters for a movie I am making. I had finshed drawing and cutting out the animals (which took me over an HOUR) and had brought them out to show my mum. I put them down on the kitchen bench, which was unfortunately wet. All the black ink ran all over my lovely animals :( :(

As you can see, yesterday was not the best.
What is the funniest disaster that has happened to you this year?

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janecooks said...

One of the greatest gifts in life is to admit you are not perfect, being able to laugh at yourself and let others laugh at you too... your day of disasters post does all this... I love you and all your disasters x