27 Feb 2010

Oh My Starry Eyes!

It's great to recycle. I do it whenever possible. It's fun and it saves the earth!
I was wanting a pencil tin... and I was determined to recycle!
So I fished an old pineapple tin out of the recycle bin and peeled off the label. I washed it and dried it, but it still looked a bit boring.

So I decorated it.. with STARS!
I got out my glue gun and stuck some foam and glitter stars on the tin.

Nothing like stars to brighten up your day!
Tell me about a fun recycling project that you've done!


janecooks said...

This is very clever and creative, the photos are great, what a difference you made to a tin ready to be crushed into scrap metal xx

Anonymous said...

what a bright idea molly!

megan xo said...

i love it!! i have a few tins on my desk too; they have patterned, sticky contact on them- two of them are very sparkly and starry.

JaYdEe said...

Very cute Moll :)
<3 x