23 Jan 2010

Hard riddle

This is another riddle that I thought up:

I am unwanted in houses
Yet I abound throughout the landscape.
I follow in your footprints,
I tell you where you've been.
When I'm in water, I transform.
I am not one, but many - all these beings join as me.
Yet I can be separated as easily as the wind blows.
What am I?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Molly it's Claire! I;ve been reading your blog and it cracks me up! I love your little animation video and what you did to your pink shorts! I want to see you wearing them one day at SG! Haha anywyaz i think the answer to this riddle is... dust! Or Dirt or whateva! Anywayz cya soon! :) xx

molly annabell said...

thanks claire!! I will wear them soon to SG.. still have to make a few minor adjustments... I've figured out they look great with tights so you may have to wait til it gets colder ;)
If you want to answer the riddles, please email me so others don't know the answer :)
xx molly