16 Jan 2010

Bodacious Badges

Today I decided to make myself some badges to give my bag some character! I didn't want to spend any money so I rummaged through my craft supplies for some bits and bobs. Here's what I came up with:

First I cut out a couple of paper circles and drew designs on them. On one I wrote I LOVE NY and on the other I drew a dragon.

For the bases of the badges I used a beer bottle cap and a juice bottle cap.

After colouring the circles in, I used my glue stick to stick the circles on the inside of the caps.

Next I plugged in my hot glue gun...

and spread some glue on the other side of the caps. Then I pressed a badge pin onto the back of each badge and waited for the glue to set.

Last of all I pinned the badges onto my bag...

Done! Bodacious badges that cost me nothing!

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