14 Oct 2009

Walls of jelly

Ah the joys of rearranging your bedroom... wanting to put this there even though there's not enough space, and wanting to stick that there even though it will block out the window. Why can't the walls just be made out of jelly? Then you could do whatever you wanted! I guess you just have to get used to the space you've got, and figure out the best way to utilise it. Oh, who am I kidding? That's so boring!

Maybe I should just get rid of all my furniture and sleep on the floor. I once read that a traditional Japanese custom was to sleep on the floor on a thick quilt. In the morning they would roll up the quilt and put it in the cupboard, making space for the day's activities. I could do that, but I would probably wake up with a sore back every day thanks to my floorboards.

I guess I should just go with the good advice of taking the most space effective solution, and keeping my furniture where it is. *sigh*
Sadly, bohemian living is just not a practical option for me :(

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